Picking The Best Dog Food Formulas For Pitbulls

Picking The Best Dog Food Formulas For Pitbulls

Many people choose to own Pitbulls because of their loyalty, adorable appearance and strong companionship with their owners. However, many people don’t realize that nutrition is one of the most important responsibilities involved with caring for a Pitbull. With the right information, it’s possible to feed your Pitbull a highly nutritious diet that will best suit their health needs.

Ingredients to Avoid

When purchasing a commercial dog food formula for your Pitbull, it’s essential that you are able to understand which ingredients to avoid. There are some ingredients contained in commercial dog food formulas which may actually cause health problems in your dog. In general, it’s best to avoid any dog food formula that contains a high amount of carbohydrates. Though dogs do require some carbohydrates, too many simple sugars can contribute to health problems such as canine diabetes. Never feed your dog a formula that contains high fructose corn syrup among the ingredients.

Other ingredients to avoid include onions and garlic, which can actually be toxic to your dog in large quantities. Though some dog food formulas use both onion and garlic powder in relatively small amounts to enhance flavor, it’s still best if you avoid these ingredients. You should also avoid corn gluten meal, since this is usually a filler ingredient used in inexpensive, low-quality dog food formulas. Any type of dog food formula that contains chemical preservatives (such as BHA and BHT) should also be avoided, since these have also been suggested to cause health problems in dogs. Stick to dog food formulas that have natural preservatives added, such as Vitamin E.

Dry or Canned?

A question that many Pitbull owners often ask, is, “Should I feed my Pitbull dry or canned dog food?”. There are several benefits associated with both dry and canned dog food formulas. Canned dog food does usually not contain as many filler ingredients as dry dog food, since it does not need to retain a specific form or texture. In addition to this, canned dog food also provides for some of your dog’s water requirements, which can help prevent your dog from becoming dehydrated.

However, chewing on the crunchy texture of dry dog food can help young Pitbulls to develop health teeth and jaw muscles. In addition to this, dry dog food also helps to reduce some of the buildup of plaque and tartar in your Pitbull.

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