Pit bull Puppies

Pit bull refers to a group of dog breeds that are derived from the molosser family. Pit bull puppies have square heads and broad cheek. The cheek is broad because it houses a powerful jaw. It has a thick and muscled neck that lead to a wide chest. The pit bull is a stocky and agile dog. It is suitable as a family pet. Both children and adults will love it. It has an obedient character. It is always eager to please the master. It is highly protective of its territory or the house of the owner. It is willing to fight until death for its owner. Though it has a friendly nature, it is not suitable as a pet for everyone. It can be fierce and aggressive towards strangers. If you want to raise a pit bull, you must have an understanding of how to raise and treat it. If you don’t understand the psychology of the dog, the dog will end up to be boss over you.

Pit bull puppies are quite active when they are in indoors. It will be happier if it is given more space to move around. You can raise a pit bull in an apartment as long as there are sufficient rooms.

The height of the pit bull puppy ranges from 18 – 22 inches while the weight is about 22 – 110 pounds.  Pit bull is generally healthy and won’t contract with illness easily. There are reports from owners that the pit bull dog can suffer from hip dysplasia, cataracts and congenital heart disease.

Pit bull puppies need to a lot of exercises daily. You can let the puppy exercise by taking it for a stroll in the park. The life expectancy of the puppy is approximately 12 years. The average litter size is approximately five to ten puppies.

Pit bull puppies are covered with a smooth short haired coat. Though it has a short hair coat, you still have to groom it regularly with a bristle brush. When grooming the dog, you have to bathe and shampoo it. After shampooing the puppy, you must rub it with a dry towel so that the coat will gleam. The pit bull is an average shedder.

Pit bull puppies can be adopted from the pit bull kennel. Before adopting a puppy, make sure you check with the insurance company. Some insurance companies do not allow the policy holder to keep a pit bull. The reason that many insurance companies don’t allow homeowners to keep pit bulls is because they have a tendency to hurt people. Some cities in the United States prohibit the homeowners from owning pit bull puppies. It is your responsibility to check with the local department to find out if you are allowed to raise pit bull puppies. If you don’t want to adopt it from the kennel, you can purchase it from a breeder. Despite that, it is best that you adopt it from the kennel. The puppy from the kennel is trained so you don’t have to spend time to train it anymore. Most of the puppies from the stores are not trained and won’t listen to your command. Hence, it is recommended that you buy the pit bull puppy from a kennel.

Source by Craig Harris