All The Amazing Secrets Behind White Pitbulls

There are many different names for pitbulls including white pitbulls; black pitbulls, red pitbulls and those are only to mention a few of the most popular sough after pitbulls. These are not an indication of the type of dogs they are or what mannerisms they might display as they are only to label the colours that the pitbulls are bred to be. White pitbulls are not typically sought after as red or blue pitbulls are however, white pitbulls are among the most popular colours.

There are many white pitbulls that fit under the classification of moo moo pitbulls as they are patterned somewhat like a dairy cow with a most often prominent black patch that covers the entire area of one of the pitbulls eyes. This indicates a Moo Moo pattern of the white pitbull. These are the most popular and sought after of the white pitbulls and are surprisingly common which may be due to the fact that breeders tend to breed more of these by accident when trying to breed other popular colors.

The Pitbull Stigma

There is a huge negative stigma that is now attached to those who own pitbulls as well against pitbulls themselves and it is undeserved typically. The American Temperament Society does testing on dogs every year and every year the pitbull comes back ranking in better temperament than most other breeds. Even the little white poodle has a more aggressive behavior pattern than that of the white pitbull and any other pitbull in general speaking.

In fact, this society tests all kinds of dogs including the popular Border Collie, Dachshund, Pomeranian and even the Beagle have temperaments that are much less desirable than that of the pitbull however the average home doesn’t think twice about introducing a new member from these breeds into their homes.

With that said accompanied by the knowledge that the white pitbulls are just a color grouping more than anything, it should be noted that you should seriously consider if a white pitbull or any other pitbull is the right pet for you. It should depend on your ability to provide healthy exercise that is abundant and daily as exercise is extremely important to a pitbulls health and well being.

It is similarly imperative that you have a big enough area within your living quarters as well as outside to provide your white pitbulls with plenty of room. Always be a diligent and responsible pitbull owner so the stigma can be overcome of the pitbull who has unjustly received a horrible reputation.

Source by Dane Stanton